Our Story

Most iconic products and services start as ideas. Yet, most ideas fail to become icons.

As accomplished strategy and design practitioners with a combined 20 years in the field, we deal in ideas all day, every day. We see how ideas steeped in customer needs bring better business results. At the same time, a lack of connection between business goals and customer needs persists.

This absence of human-focused innovation practices and the piecemeal attempts to address it, lead businesses down a path of stale innovation practices, worn product and service ideas, and unhappy customers.

We believe successful ideas start with intelligent design.

We believe through close observation, cross-functional ideation, and customer validation we extract ideas with proven potential to add to the bottom line.  

We believe you don’t have to be a designer to practice Design Thinking.

Design Think Labs guides teams in building the human-centered connection between their business and their customers. Backed by decades of real-world experience combined with the best of Design Thinking Theory, we’ve cultivated a unique, reusable, and practical framework to create meaningful products & services for customers.

At Design Think Labs ideas brew, teams experiment, and profitable products and services are born.

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Elisabeth Hubert

Lis is a business strategistinformation architectand design thinker bringing clarity and meaning to clients who want to exceed both their business goals and users' expectations. As an accomplished speaker and facilitator she conducts company trainings which bring user-centered and design thinking focused innovations to life. Outside of work, you'll find Lis brewing a french press or curling up with a good book. Read more


Diana Sonis

Diana is a product and services designer with an extensive business background, specializing in UX Design and Design Thinking. As a passionate believer in holistic design, Diana guides teams in shaping abstract ideas into concrete products and services that meet the needs of real people. When she's not solving strategic challenges, Diana can be found in pursuit of good coffee everywhere. Read More.

Design Think Labs possesses phenomenal facilitators with enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs. They’re holistic thinkers who will help you search for opportunities to innovate - whether it be internal processes or external products/services - within your company.
— Elodie Camaret, US Consumer Innovation Director - R&D, Essilor USA
Lis and Diana elegantly simplify complex ideas and deliver a cutting-edge Design Thinking approach in a practical, hands-on manner that transforms information into a strategic asset. Peerless collaborative partners, they help crack the code to better decision making, effective problem solving and game changing innovation.
— Matthew Cross, Founder & CEO, LeadershipAlliance.com, Author of The Millionaire’s Map
Diana & Lis are excellent facilitators. They designed the training to meet our goals and engaged our team in a way that demonstrates the importance of industry practitioners sharing their craft.
— Diana Doroftei, ITS Senior Trainer, Oliver Wyman