You’re looking for innovation and ideas. We can help. 

Using the Design Thinking method in fun, collaborative trainings, we guide your team to:

Research & Discover

  • Define your long term goals & identify specific challenges to solve now.
  • Understand your customers by learning how to conduct interviews with empathy.

analyze & ideate

  • Learn how to analyze data to find actionable patterns and uncover customer behaviors, goals, and motivations.
  • Identify pain-points that will serve as the foundation for successful solutions.
  • Ideate potential solutions in a fun and collaborative environment with a cross-functional team.

prototype & test

  • Rapidly prototype chosen solutions for immediate feedback with real users/customers.
  • Analyze insights to plan for next steps.

We help you use Design Thinking to come up with innovative solutions to any challenge before your company spends money implementing ideas no one wants. 


We are your Design Thinking partners with a combined 20 years experience in the field. Our focused series of trainings can be adapted to teams small and large. Our Design Thinking trainings involve guiding your team to identify the underlying problem to solve, do field research, analyze results, ideate solutions, design prototypes, and test with real people. Rinse. Repeat.


Through our trainings we deliver the Design Thinking method as an actionable, repeatable, and practical process.   


At the end of our Design Thinking sprint your team will have:

  • A time-tested process that can be used to solve any organizational challenge.
  • Concrete ways to identify and test ideas before making significant time or money investments.
  • All training materials to guide future iterations.
  • Continued support from Design Think Labs beyond project timeline.
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